You choose how you want to exercise

Core Value Fitness Centre is an equipment based gym.

Members are able to do their own workout or speak with one of the personal trainers about having a personal program designed or doing some personal training.


Personal Program

For a small fee your trainer will discuss your goals and write a program for you based upon that information. You will then meet with your trainer for a half hour session in which you will be shown the techniques for the exercises prescribed, and from then on when you visit the gym you bring your program with you and repeat what you have learnt.

Core Value Fitness Membership

Personal Training

PT is for those who wish to achieve faster measured results - whether it be weight loss, muscle gain or general fitness. Personal Training takes your regular exercising to the next level. Your PT will hold you accountable with regular weigh-ins and measurement taking. You will meet your trainer during your regular appointments to train specifically to achieve your goal while being supervised in posture, technique and tempo. You will be committed to working hard with your trainer each and every time.

Core Value Fitness Membership

Group Fitness

You don't have to be a member to take part, and you don't have to be extremely fit either - just be willing to have a go and join the others in the 45 minute class.

Classes are varied from week to week so you are not doing the same thing every time - all are welcome and you will receive your first class free!

Members $10 or 10 class card for $90. Visitors $15 per class or 10 class card for $135.

Monday 9am All fitness levels
Wednesday 9am All fitness levels

Core Value Fitness Membership



Semi-private PT

(Up to 3 people)

You enjoy the company of friends by your side, but you also need a little more attention and support from an experienced coach to achieve your specific goal. You would like to start strength training and eating well consistently and are not afraid to say no to a chocolate bar!

Our Semi-Private clients enjoy the same level of coaching as individual coaching but with the added benefit of a team environment. Up to 2 sessions a week, individual exercise programming, ProCoach nutrition management system and nutrition support, progress monitoring and bonus 24/7 gym access.


Strength for Life

Specifically designed for those over 50, Strength For Life is a COTA initiative (www.cota.org.au/australia) designed to be a cost effective way for older people to improve strength, balance, core, and mobility. After having an initial screening appointment you will join your class and perform exercises that are specific to your goals.

Classes run for an hour and are supervised by a qualified trainer who will guide you through group warm ups, help you make progress with your exercises and ensures you are doing everything correctly and safely.

Initial program $30, classes $80 for 10 or $40 for 5.

Tuesday 7am
Tuesday 9.30am
Tuesday 10.45am
Friday 7am
Friday 9.30am
Firday 10.45am

Core Value Fitness Membership

Group PT

(Up to 10 people)

Perfect if you like to exercise in a team setting for fun and encouragement but alas - you know you do better when you are held accountable! You eat well in fits and starts but choose to splurg when socialising or on holiday (any excuse really), so could use a guideline to learn good lifelong habits.

There is no gym membership required with this program as we will take care of all your workouts. Up to 3 group sessions a week and access to renowned ProCoach nutrition management system you will be held accountable for showing up and putting in the work.


Individual Coaching

If a group setting doesn't appeal or seem appropriate for you at this present moment; then individual sessions are the way to go. Individual coaching will allow you to thrive and strive whilst targeting your specific goals or injuries that need closer monitoring.

Enjoy individual exercise programming and supervison, ProCoach nutrition management system and nutrition support, progress monitoring, private sessions, check-ins and gym access.





Looking to support a healthier lifestyle?

Located in the Gym office is The Supp Store, stocking brands such as ATP Science, Gen-tec, PranaOn and Thorne Research.

We offer protein powders, pre workout mix, amino acids and other varieties.

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What our members are saying...

I've only been to the gym a few times, so I've not really seen anything really significant yet. My aim is to be more flexible, lose some weight, tone up muscles and generally feel much better.
Cathy Crambrook - 51

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  • Personal training
  • Group classes
  • Strength for Life
  • Casual use during office hours
  • Memberships to suit all
  • Fun and friendly
  • Modern equipment
  • Air-conditioned
  • Shower facilities


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