Strength for Life

I have been attending "Strength for Life" classes since December 2015 on the advice of the medical profession.

The classes are small, 10 - 12 people and sometime quite fun. I like the fact that the Gym is small and we "oldies" are not trying to do our "thing" while young and lithe persons are doing their "thing", though on occasions there might be 1 or 2 of the younger generation.
Our trainer, Paula has empathy for our generation and on the whole the exercises are not too strenuous. Some of us are not exactly fit!!
Lorraine Masters - 70
I have worked for over 30 years and other exercise was sporadic. I would say that I am moderately fit. I joined the Strength for Life group to motivate me to exercise daily so that I am fit and mobile in my senior years. I love the group sessions, everyone is friendly and helpful, especially to a newbie like me.
My fitness levels are improving weekly and while I haven't lost any weight, my clothes are fitting much loser.

I really love being able to use the various equipment. I especially love the rowing machine. I would encourage anyone over 50 to join the group. A plan is worked out to suit each individual.
Vickie Johnson - 62
I have been attending 3 gym classes per week for nearly 2 years now and love them. You probably already know that because I talk about the gym and what we do at it a lot.

The change in my overall strength and balance is unbelievable. I am a competitive person by nature so the personal challenges I set for myself and then achieve make it very worthwhile. Everyday life for me has changed now. How? My legs are so much stronger; I climb up and down stairs, steps, ladders etc without having to hold onto railings. I can jump down from heights knowing that when I land my legs can hold me.

I try things that I haven't done for a long time, even if it is just getting up or down from the floor a different way. My balance has improved.

I have to thank Leonine and Paula for making it such a fun experience. I love it and I really enjoy the coffees with new friends after our classes.
Sharyn Schlein - 68
I have more energy and my balance and flexibility has improved although I still need to work on that.

The trainers gauge your program to meet any physical needs ie I have a "dickie knee" and a troublesome right shoulder, but with the correct exercises both areas have improved.My core strength has improved markedly.

It is hard work but I really enjoy the comradeship of the others in our group. Everyone is supportive and encouraging. Our trainer Paula is brilliant - so enthusiastic, encouraging us to extend ourselves and is thrilled when we accomplish something new. The exercises are varied and interesting. At my age I am very proud of what my body can now do after 18 months.
Marian Woodberry - Mid 70's
I think it was a friend that mentioned the Strength for Life classes for the over 50's. I was immediately interested, because although I thought I was reasonable fit (cycling, walking, golfing), I had heard of the benefits for aging bodies of working with weights. My routine involves upper body training, core strength, leg work and balance activities. I have improved so much in all of these areas, especially core strength - I really feel the added strength when cycling and in my golf swing, for example, or even when I have to push my golf buggy uphill on spongy grass!! I love the social aspect of the classes, but more importantly, I love the physical challenge, trying to increase weights and knowing that I've really worked my body.
Jenny Patching - 64
I enjoy the social atmosphere of the gym. Facilities are first class and staff very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, I don't feel that my physical fitness has improved. Perhaps I should have started much earlier.
Wal Miller - 90
We love going to our gym. We see our gym mates, have a chat, get a great workout each time and have a coffee after, what else do you want?
We have a group warmup first (once we settle) usually having fun doing this in a circle or team events. Working on our balance, ball skills, team bonding or just cheating while trying to beat the others. Then we settle down to our own program which keeps us subtle and fit. Great stuff!! Thanks
Sandy and Barry Schmidt - 61
I attended the Strength for Life sessions for over 12 months before joining the gym as a full member. The group environment of the Strength for Life sessions has been especially helpful in maintaining my commitment. The sessions aim to retain and develop body strength (especially core body strength), balance and flexibility. During a recent trip to Tasmania, my wife and I tackled some quite challenging climbs and we managed them well, thanks in no small part to being fitter due to our gym work. I'd encourage older people to consider going to the gym as you will be able to maintain your physical abilities for longer and hence have a more active and enjoyable retirement.
Steve Patching - 65
Before I commenced Strength for Life I had pain in my neck and right shoulder most of the time and took Panamax before bed and during the night to prevent waking up with the pain. Now I rarely take Panamax, and only have an ache in the area at times.

My strength has improved and I enjoy the company of others whilst we work out. Paula has done a wonderful job.
Joan Gow - 74
I started the Strength for Life program in January 2015, as I had become concerned at my loss of strength and motivation to exercise. From being a "gym junkie" and long distance runner in my younger days and being a bit of a fitness fanatic in the later years, I'd become more sedentary that I'd been for years. When I retired, I was still busy in other ways but not dedicated to physical strength routines. I saw that Core Value Fitness was to run the Strength for Life groups and decided to give it a go. So glad I did. I am still not as fit as I was 10 years ago, but feel much better than I did 15 months ago. Not only does the program affect physical improvement but it also improves self esteem and confidence.

We have a lot of fun while we work out and though we laugh a lot we take our "work" seriously. It's good to be back "pumping iron" and pushing limits - though sometimes I confess I'd rather be reading a good book. But I go back each week - its a discipline - and am always glad when I do so if anyone is thinking it might be a good idea for them to get involved, JUST DO IT.

You wont be on your own unless you choose to be (socially that is), the instructors keep an eye on what you do to correct technique and to introduce new routines so boredom can't catch hold! We support and encourage each other and as I've said before, we have a lot of laughs
Sarah Bruton - 68
Signed up for the Strength for Life program at the end of March 2016. I am finding it enjoyable and helpful...building my strength to make everyday living easier.
Kay Henderson - 82

Group Classes

I have been going to the gym for 17 months now. I did not realise how much flexibility and balance I had lost. The training program has brought about a huge improvement. The gym is also an opportunity as a social occasion. The class gets together for coffee after the gym. Importantly, the instructors take an interest in your well being and progress.
Graham Harris - 76
I love the fact that I can use the gym 24/7. No restrictions, therefore NO EXCUSES!!

Many options for equipment to use and I love the circuit classes. Ann is brutal!! I have toned up and increased my fitness since I became a gym member a few years ago. Love it
Janelle Watts - 39
I was encouraged to join by my cousin. I thought that it was something I could do with my wife. That didn't work out, never the less I decided to give it a go. I enjoy it greatly - meeting different people - the group aspect of it compels you to attend. I am maintaining my fitness and building on what I have - a year and a half later, I wouldn't miss it for quids!!
Lyndon Hampel - 56
My experience joining the gym was amazing. Before joining the gym, I was working out at home with nothing more that a bench press and a few dumbbells. At first I was hesitant to join because the talk around town was the gym was for women only. After the first day I realised that the people were wrong. The gym not only had everything I wanted in a gym, since joining the amount of equipment has doubled.
At the beginning of 2016, the team at Core Value implemented free classes throughout the week. The classes have changed my life, from being overweight and losing motivation to the exact opposite. I have now made a whole bunch of new friends (or a least people that laugh at my jokes). The classes are hard, but are perfect for weight loss and the trainers are always looking to do something different.

Massive shout out to Anne for all the hard work she puts into our classes #Cardio #TrainLegsThreeDaysaWeek
Jarrad Cranmer - 21

Personal Program/Trainer

In January this year, i wanted get fit and healthy, so i saw Leonie. I had a fitness goal i wanted to achieve and very little time to achieve it. Leonie was very confident i could easily achieve my goals, and she helped me every step of the way. She made me an eating plan, and drew up my training schedule. After just 4 weeks of being on the eating plan and exercising, i lost an amazing 12cm off of my stomach! I was so excited, this was proof my training was working! Leonie was over the moon for me too, she is such a supportive trainer, she is there for her clients 24/7! I am not a highly motivated person, but Leonie kept me on track by sending me supportive messages and quotes. This really helped me when i was struggling. Leonie is a very practical person, she doesn't set un realistic goals, and is always confident of her clients abilities. Leonie always found a way to make time for me, between her busy schedule and mine, even if it meant Saturday morning sessions. She goes above and beyond for her clients. All the trainers at Core Value are very supportive and friendly to everyone! Its an awesome environment. I highly recommend Leonie she has the skills and knowledge, also personal experience! She's not just a trainer, but also a friend!
Shyanne Bonney
8 months ago I underwent a quadruple bypass operation. Approx 1 month ago, I recommenced exercise at the gym, which is rapidly improving my muscle tone, general fitness and stability.

I am quickly returning to the level of exercise and strength that I enjoyed prior to the operation and that feels great.
Tony Swanbury - 71
2 years ago I joined the gym after being diagnosed with a serious illness. I was receiving treatment and wanted to get my body back in the best possible shape it could be. After becoming ill I had little fitness or muscle strength left. Leonie worked with me to set up a very basic program that I could do on my own using different equipment to work on all muscle groups. I came in regularly and quickly saw improvements in both strength and fitness. Leonie was constantly supporting me, encouraging me and adapting my program to suit my needs. I moved on to doing classes and loved the social, but challenging environment. Being a working mum, the ease of having the gym open at all hours gave me the freedom to go in whenever I had a spare hour, and now the 9.30 Monday class fits in perfectly with school drop off.

Thank you Leonie for offering such a professional and supportive business to our community.
Liza Gibbs - 40
After having a family and returning to full time work, my fitness had fallen so far off the priority list it almost didn't exist. However, after a mild back injury (caused by poor posture and a general lack of core strength) my lack of fitness was causing a physical struggle every day. Joining the gym has helped me prioritise what I am focusing on - rebuilding my core. The all hours access suits my hectic family lifestyle as I can fit in training when it suits me best, and the personal trainers are amazing!

Whilst I have a very long way to go to be at my goal fitness level, I can honestly say I look forward ti every session at the gym, whether with my trainer of going solo. It is such a positive environment to be in that you can't help but push that bit harder and aim just a bit higher.
Sheree Arnold - 38
Throughout my life I have been fairly active, working hard and often long hours on the farm and as a contract shearer, also playing various physical sports. Now as the years have rolled on I'm still interested in endeavoring to keep reasonable fit not only for my own good but to be there for my family in a caring and physical way for as long as possible. At Core Value Fitness Centre, after being interviewed, a schedule of exercises was recommended to best suit my needs in particular my sense of balance were very poor and my legs weak and incapable of stepping up properly - like onto a ladder. Through Paula and Leonie, their persistence, guidance and cheerful manner, my balance has improved greatly. My legs have regained strength and somewhat bodily "toned up" overall. The social part is friendly too.
Colin Farr - 86
I was Leonie's first PT client. After having my second child I experienced a lot of pain, stiffness and loss of muscles. Since working with Leonie and going to the gym, I rarely have to go and see the physo and have been the most consistent with my exercise EVER. Its just part of my life now as I know the importance of keeping up my strength. I highly recommend Leonie and PT for anyone who finds they start fitness but then stop again or if they slacken off when working out on their own. Best accountability and she truly cares about her clients. Thank you Leonie
Sheree Cameron
Setting health and fitness goals and achieving them in the mining industry can be hard so i was a little hesitant about joining a gym. I talked to the trainers at Core Value. They were very helpful and motivating. I have now been a member of Core Value for 18 months and still get great support from all the trainers. I have lost 35kgs and feel great and couldn't imagine life now without the gym. It is a friendly environment and I look forward to my training sessions.
Justin Bertram - 38
I love the hours. Working shift work allows me to use the gym at my convenience.

The staff are friendly and helpful, guiding me to exercises that will benefit and aid me. The one on one personal training sessions have been of great assistance with toning, weight loss but most importantly strength training, which has helped my shoulders and back to become stronger, which is also helping with my work and preventing any further injuries.

Highly recommend Core Value Fitness.
Jenni Music - 36
I started my fitness program after a mate at work talked me into joining in the 12 Week Spring Challenge at Core Value Fitness in 2015.

I had not been physically active for quite a few years but knew it was time to shed some weight.

Having not really ever been interested in joining a gym it was quite daunting at first, but as soon as I took the first step and started doing the hard yards and pushed beyond my comfort zone, I could see how this was going to help achieve the goals I had set.

Winning the 12 week challenge was never a goal as I wasn't even keen to have all the photos and measurements done but having said that I'm glad I did so so I could see what I was capable of achieving.

With the convenience of being able to go to the Core Value Gym 24/7, I now enjoy working out 6 days a week, these sessions include cross training, weights, interval training, bike riding and walking/running. The more results I see the more I am driven and motivated.

I'm still working very hard to achieve my initial goal. I have a great support crew around me and Core Value Fitness have all the tools to motivate me, the team continue to monitor my progress and all share a passion for me to gain a healthier lifestyle.
Jake Will
Before I started gym I was over weight and very unfit, since 2014 I have been motivated, love the gym, the setup, the people and trainers are great and always there for advice.
Great atmosphere to work out in.
Cannot complain at all
Adam Harris - 19

Individual Exercise

I joined Core Value at the beginning of 2014 to take advantage of the 24 hour facilities including showers. My plan was to be able to work out before work and at lunchtimes as I live in Berri and work in Loxton. This has worked really well for me as the gym has everything I need to do a variety of workouts and Leonie and the other trainers are always friendly and helpful.

I would recommend Core Value Fitness Centre to anyone interested in improving their fitness level from a beginner to someone who is pretty fit as it caters for everyone.
Paul Stewart - 51
I've always enjoyed being strong and independent. After having trouble with fatigue I had lost a lot of my strength, so I decided to join the gym - partly for the motivation and partly for the variety of equipment that I didn't have at home. I really enjoyed getting back into weight training, and also found it convenient having the cardio equipment for warm up/cool down. The Core Value gym had all the equipment I wanted and more. It was super convenient being able to go anytime of the day or night as well - I could go whenever if fit in with my schedule. Another benefit that really stood out for me was how great I felt mentally! From the endorphin release with exercise, and just feeling better in myself - stronger and more toned. Once I started, I really looked forward to getting back for my next session.

As a physiotherapist, I see the benefit in different types of exercise, and I think that the Core Value Gym is a great facility that people can take advantage of. I have also had feedback from patients saying that they have been to the "Strength for Life" classes and are seeing huge physical and mental benefits.
Chelsea Winter
I've only been to the gym a few times, so I've not really seen anything really significant yet. My aim is to be more flexible, lose some weight, tone up muscles and generally feel much better.
Cathy Crambrook - 51
Great gym. I always feel welcome here. If I have any questions there is always someone there to answer them and help out. The equipment is in great condition and easy to use. Music, fans and refrigerated water make for a comfortable workout environment. Would rate this gym for beginners or professionals.
Eddy Ackland - 20

What our members are saying...

I enjoy the social atmosphere of the gym. Facilities are first class and staff very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, I don't feel that my physical fitness has improved. Perhaps I should have started much earlier.
Wal Miller - 90

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